Kinder Church 2.0 Monthly Series

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LESSON TITLES: God’s Word Helps Me Grow, Jesus Makes Me New, God’s Word Makes Me Strong, Do God’s Word

LESSON TITLES: On Guard, Pray, Listen, Church

LESSON TITLES: Obey God, Think Good Thoughts, Change The Way You Think, I Control Myself

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LESSON TITLES: God Is, The Bible Is The Word of God, God Created Man, The Sin Problem

LESSON TITLES: Jesus is God’s Son, Jesus Rose From The Dead, Jesus is Coming Again, The New Birth

LESSON TITLES: Water Baptism, Communion, Hook up with a church, The Holy Spirit Empowers Us

Love God


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Love Yourself


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Love Others


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LESSON TITLES: God is Love, Four Loves, God’s Love in Us, Love Is Not Selfish

LESSON TITLES: Be Kind To One Another, Forgive Others, Say Good Words, Don’t Let Anger Control You

LESSON TITLES: Love Is Never Jealous, Love Your Parents, Love Your Brothers & Sisters, Love Your Enemies

Kinder Church 2.0 - What's Included


Let’s Play is your pre-service time. There are three different activities children can participate in.

Download PDF  Pre-Service Activities

Motion Comic

“The Adventures of James & Andi” - Your preschoolers will learn who God is and that He loves us so much.

Click on above image to watch "The Adventures of James and Andi" Motion Comic.

Large Group

Let’s Listen is your Large Group where all  kids are together and as a group you worship and introduce the lesson.

Home Discipleship

At Home is a take home sheet for Mom and Dad and includes Bible Story and activities parents can do at home.

Small Group

Let’s Live It Small Group activities are designed to help preschoolers understand and remember the lesson.


Memory Verse Cards

Each week there is a Memory Verse Card that you can print and hand out as the children leave.

Kinder Church

Preschool Curriculum

PLANT SEEDS THAT LAST A LIFETIME! Have you asked yourself this question, "How do I make the Word of God simple enough for a preschooler to understand?"

TELL them • SHOW them • SING with them • PLAY with them

Kinder Church 2.0 is an easy to use, hands-on preschool curriculum with a strong faith-filled foundation.