Are you tired of teaching from watered down curriculum? Do you want to dig deep in God's Word with your kids? Do you want your kids to experience Christ on a personal level?  

If you answered YES to these questions then keep reading.  

Super Church 2.0 is different than other curriculum on the market and here is why.  

Many curriculum companies water down their message they are producing so they won't offend anyone.  

Why do they do this?  

They do this becuase their strategy is all about appealling to a larger audience with the end goal of selling more curriculum.  

At SuperChurch.Com Our strategy is simple:  

We want Kids to hear the Gospel. We want Kids to receive Christ. We want Kids to baptized in water. We want Kids to grow strong in God. We want Kids to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. We want Kids to step up and be leaders in an ungodly world.  

If you have the same goals that I have, then I don’t have any problem saying that Super Church 2.0 is the only choice for you.  

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what others are saying:  

“Our teachers love using Super Church 2.0 curriculum. The kids love the short films. The interaction with the kids builds excitement and gets everyone participating. It is the absolute best curriculum we have found.” - Loraine  

“Grow Up – Super Church” was excellent! It not only challenged the kids in my class to begin to grow up spiritually but it challenged me as their teacher! The curriculum “church kids” really need!" - Julie B.  

If you like what you are hearing you are going to want to keep reading because I have some amazing news for you.  

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Here is some of our most popular curriculum:

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Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit desires to minister to your kids but it’s not going to happen if you don’t believe it. And it’s not going to happen if you don’t teach on the Holy Spirit.  

This is why I wrote an entire curriculum on the Holy Spirit.  

There are spiritual gifts inside your kids just like there was inside of young David. Jesse did not see the gift of God in David, but Samuel did.  

Do you want to be a Jesse or do you want to a Samuel? 

The Core

Here are The FIVE Big Questions every kid will ask when they transition into adolescence.  

Does God exist? Is the Bible the Word of God? Did God create mankind or did we evolve from monkeys? Is Jesus the Son of God? Did God really raise Jesus from the dead?  

The Core is a 12-week Sunday School Curriculum that teaches kids ages 6-11 about the central and innermost parts of Christianity.

Grow Up  

Go into all the world and make disciples.”  

Jesus wants us to ‘make disciples’ of the kids in our class. This begs the following questions: How do I actually make a disciple? What does a disciple look like? What does a disciple do?  

The word disciple means ‘to teach and to train.’ Bottom line: A disciple of Christ is someone who listens to Christ and obeys Christ.


We took our lessons on leadership and put them into print so you can teach them to your kids – Super Church 2.0 Leadership.  

A benefit you will see by teaching Super Church 2.0 Leadership is that your adult volunteers will become better leaders. In fact, I think the best way to learn to be a leader is to teach on leadership.  

Your own words will build an internal compass in your heart. There are leadership gifts in your kids.  

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